Notice to my readers

I hope my art-blog is being useful to my readers and that some of you might found yourself visiting a good exhibition.

However, I sadly have to make a short announcement: Lately, some person/s have created online accounts using my name and been trying to publish wrongful information about me. I was for example accused on several occasions of being a con-artist and having not delivered artworks after payment among other untrue posts.

I hereby am officially distancing myself from this illegal use of my name and such untrue comments by any means. I am, being a professional artist, conducting my work and business in an honest and serious manner. This endeavor of mine is about the arts only and about bringing it to my audience and anyone who may enjoys it.

If you should come across any such wrongfully posted information about me and my artwork, please disregard them.

If the people who are behind those posts may read this, I am kindly asking you to stop publishing those lies, regardless of what your motivation may be. I choose to bring this issue out to the public using my site and enjoying my artwork because it is not in any way in my intention to ever harm anyone financially or personally.

Thank you very much,


Younhee Yang

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