Last chance to see ‚a rendezvous in Berlin‘ (until August 6.2011)

Friday and Saturday, Last days to see the exhibition

a rendezvous in Berlin
July 30 – August 6, 2011
opening hours daily 3pm – 7pm


Works by
Adalberto Abbate, Rebecca Agnes, Antonio Cataldo, Lucy Harrison, Federico Lupo, Marko Mäetamm, Mariagiovanna Nuzzi


a rendezvous in Berlin is not an exhibition but a project, originated from conversations between artists who temporarily participated to a path, or who share an aptitude and common interests. Limit, margin, border and incorrectness are the key words from which the works that will compose the visual space of the show arised. The word, used in its effective actuality vis-a-vis the real, is the vehicle that linked the different works. A word embodied in an act of revolt becomes an engraving on stone in “DIES IRAE”. Or it sunders into different characters who try to re-enact an opaque moment of Italian history, in “On the ripening of times”, where the relation between language and violence is investigated. A violence that we can find in other forms in the obviousness of everyday life, in the instances that convey exclusion and the definition of a norm, in “Geschwister”. In “The Absent Collector” the accidental finding of a collection of letters becomes a subjective interpretation, in an attempt to reconstruct the relations that occurred between the sender and the recipient of the missives. Family values are analyzed in “LOVE”, where husband and wife wonder about the real meaning of the expression I love you. A background buzz that comes from a distant place can become the meeting point among the works, the artist and the public, with “Stealing Sunlight”, where traces and fragments of different experiences are mapped on tape.


91mQ Art Project Space
Landsbergerallee 54, 1. OG
10249 Berlin

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