Ausstellungseröffnung / Vernissage @ DadaPost Galerie presents: ‚Silent Pictures II‘ / YounHee Yang


DADA POST Presents:
Silent Pictures II
Opening September 6th 2014 19:00 Uhr
September 6th to September 28th 2014
Improvised music with *The Dead Fish Trio* – 27. September 2014,19:00
Nordbahnstrasse 10, 13409 Berlin
YounHee Yang
Silent Pictures II
Dada Post is pleased to present the second one-person exhibition featuring the artwork of YounHee Yang of South Korea and Berlin. Yang is a resonant symbol of South Korean culture and the internationalization of its society, which extends to individuals living and working in the global theater. For her there is a consideration of nationality, which comes into play in the history of people and regions.
Yang’s subject matter, while deceptively commonplace in appearance, expresses the aura of the surreal – the dreamlike. It focuses on human beings enclosed in a mental world. Her subjects are mostly (but not exclusively) women, who are caught in the beautiful moments between melancholy and lucidity. The narrative is developed largely as a cerebral experience. These are moments when the subjects are absorbed in the silence that envelops them, while their inner drama quietly unfolds in the psyche.
Formally, her paintings can be appreciated as a personal but subconscious response to years of viewing Korean art cinema. While her conscious mind is busied with the task of painting, the influence of Korean art cinema seeps out of her subconscious, and begins to show its presence.
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By S-Bahn:
S-1 (Direction Oranienburg) and S-25 (Direction Hennigsdorf), to the Schönholz station.
If you take the S-Bahn be sure to exit at the Schönholz station – not the Wollankstrasse station.

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