Participation of Younhee Yang at the 14th Art-Exhibition of the Republic Korea „Unification Korea“ in Seoul

The presidential 14th Art Exhibition of the Republic Korea will be running from December 12th until December 19th 2010 at the ‚Korean Broadcast and Advertisement Museum‘ in Seoul, Korea.

This prestigious art event features on its 14th edition a great lineup of contemporary artists once again, showing their unique and personal interpretations of the unification of Korea. For the first time, the promising young artist Younhee Yang is featuring two paintings this year.

Miss Yang is working since 2005 in Berlin, Germany, and is – among other topics –  exploring the separation of her home country Korea through her artwork for several years now. Her life abroad in Berlin, Germany, – a country which also has undergone a long period of separation – allows Miss Yang to create artworks from another point of view. Many of her artworks from these series, named ‚Borderless – Grenzenlos‘ or ‚Hope – Hoffnung‘, have been shown in local galleries and also international exhibits, as the Scope Miami 2010. The young artist is creatively representing the difficult topic of borders, which her work embodies in both a physical and also metaphysical meaning.

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