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Dada Post Exhibition Opening: Mari Rantanen, Guillaume Cailleau, Sculptors: Three Generations

Sonntag, Oktober 17th, 2010

OCTOBER 16th to NOVEMBER 14th 2010

Mari Rantanen

Screaming Lobsters and Other Important Stories
Wall text by Leena-Maaretta Dixon

Stockholm based painter Mari Rantanen is presenting an exhibition titled: Screaming Lobsters and Other Important Stories, which will also include a wall text by Leena-Maaretta Dixon, a surrealistic poem-thriller which tells the story that the painting installation is partly based on. The installation deals with shared memory as Rantanen is visualizing a view parallel to that of Miss. Dixon’s poem, positioning the seemingly disparate art forms as comparable.
The painting installation is making memory visible while greeting a space in the gallery that holds the emotions as well as the visualized thoughts.
Formally Rantanen’s installation of paintings is comprised of a large wall painting and an installation of smaller paintings, arranged through out the gallery space, that build a narrative of their own through their abstract visual language.

Guillaume Cailleau


Media artist Guillaume Cailleau will exhibit three site-specific film installations
that utilize various types of projection and film viewing devices. One
Installation will be installed in our underground WW-II bunker, and two will be
installed in the two freezers (video installation space).

The subject of Cailleau’s pieces is time, its relativity, interpretation and the logic of its flow reflected on through the media of water.. „Just as the river where I step is not the same, and is, so I am as I am not“ Heraclitus


Three Generations

Johannes Denda
Julius Dörner
David Evison
Karsten Konrad

Sculptors: Three Generations is an exhibition of four sculptors affiliated with the Unversität der Künste Berlin.
David Evison, the English sculptor has been Professor for sculpture at the Unversität der Künste Berlin since 1982. Karsten Konrad is among his former students who has made a name for himself through out Germany and internationally, and is now in the forefront of the Berlin sculpture scene.
Evison saw his role in Berlin as being one of teaching and furthering the sculpture scene here, by paying attention to the succeeding generations. Julius Dörner is the last of his students as he is prepared to retire on September 31st. Konrad will now take over Evison’s class as Gastprofessor at the UdK. Johannes Denda is Konrad‘s student.
This exhibition comes at an opportune time for Evison, as it marks his departure from teaching. Additionally, he is organizing a large exhibition of his ex-students who are among those who are actively making sculpture today. This will be at UdK Berlin from October 31 to January 7, 2011. At the same time he will have a solo exhibition his new work at the Galerie Wedding, titled ‚Evisonstatues‘ from October 29 to January 6, 2011.

Directions by S-Bahn:
S-1 (Direction Oranienburg) and S-25 (Direction Hennigsdorf), to the Schönholz station.
If you take the S-Bahn be sure to exit at the Schönholz station – not the Wollankstrasse station.