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Exhibition: „A World in the City“ @ Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York, May 24 to June 23 2012

Mittwoch, Mai 30th, 2012

Korean artist Young Sam Kim: „A World in the City

Kim was born in Busan, Korea in 1978. From an early age, Kim’s hearing became profoundly impaired.. At age three, he began drawing and painting lessons, using visual language as a form of communication to offset his auditory and vocal impairments.

After graduating from high school in Korea, he moved to the New York City to study photography at the School of Visual Arts, graduating in 2002. While working as a commercial photographer in the fashion and advertising industries after graduation, he continued refining his artistic vision and developing his own work. He began exhibiting his work in numerous venues in both the United States and in Korea. Exhibitions in the United States include shows at LaGuardia Community College Performing Art Center, New York, NY; Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY; Korean exhibitions include the Won Gallery, Kwanju; Woobong Art Museum, Daegu; the Incheon Korea and China Art Culture Center, Incheon and the Milal Museum, Seoul among others.

Kim traveled to Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi to participate with the Korea International Organization to help hungry children worldwide in 2011 and 2010. In 2012, he was awarded 3rd place in the competition of ‘Exhibitions Without Walls for Photographers and Digital Artist’ in the U.S.

„A World in the City“ will run from May 24 to June 23 2012, the opening reception will be held on Thursday, May 24 from 6 to 8 PM.

547 West 27 Street, suite 508, New York City, NY 10001
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery Ph: 212.279.8555


Vernissage am 03.06.2012: „Über die Kunst, erfolgreich Malerei zu studieren“, Galerie ROOT Berlin

Sonntag, Mai 27th, 2012
Die Ausstellung mit den im gleichnamigen Lehrbuch von
Ute Wöllmann "Über die Kunst, erfolgreich Malerei zu studieren"(Reimer Verlag Berlin,
ISBN 978-3-496-01455-3) mit bgebildeten Werken von

Claude Bérat, Gilbert Brohl, Birgit Ginkel, Barbara Gerasch, Silke Katharina
Imme Hundertmark, Ingrun Junker, Claudia Kallscheuer, Christoph Primm,
Reglinde Rauskolb, Anja Sieber und Ute Wöllmann

wird am Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012, 12-17h,eröffnen. Um 15h liest Ute Wöllmann aus dem Lehrbuch.
Die Künstler und Künstlerinnen sind anwesend.

Zusätzlich findet am Samstag, den 9. Juni, um 19h ein Gespräch:
"Was ist gute Kunstlehre?" mit EDUARD BEAUCAMP, Kunstkritiker FAZ,
Prof. DIRK VAN DER MEULEN, UdK Berlin und Ute Wöllmann, Autorin,
Akademie für Malerei, Berlin stat.
Moderation: Andreas Herrmann, mianki.GALLERY., Berlin.

Finissage der Ausstellung ist am Sonntag, den 10. Juni, 12-17h.

ROOT am Savignyplatz
Galerie für Malerei
Carmerstraße 11
10623 Berlin
Öffnungszeiten: Di – Sa 14:00 bis 19:00 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung