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Ausstellungseröffnung: „Laboratorium“ am 28.10.2011, 19h @ Galerie Kunst am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Sonntag, Oktober 23rd, 2011


 am Freitag den 28. Oktober um 19 Uhr

mit dem Titel:


galerie  kunst  am  gendarmenmarkt

Hilton Hotel Berlin

Mohrenstr. 30

D 10117  Berlin

Galerie-Eingang, Markgrafenstrasse

Tel. 030 20 613 611  oder 0151 144 650 66

Opening „After the Death of Painting“: 15.10.2011 – 7pm @ DadaPost Gallery, Berlin

Montag, Oktober 10th, 2011

After the Death of Painting
DAMTP Berlin
DAMTP: (Data Miners & Travailleurs Psychique)

After the Death of Painting:
After the Death of Painting is an exhibition that revisits the controversy from the late 1970s that declared the Western tradition of painting to be dead.

We have brought together artworks that mimic painting, and or compete with painting both formally and conceptually, but are not painting. This would include Large Scale Photographs or Digital works, Multimedia-Assemblage on the wall, Wall-Sculpture, and so on. These are not “oil paint on stretched canvas” works.

For Western painting, the skilled production of representations had been its mission since antiquity, through the Renaissance, and up to the Industrial Revolution. With the camera a new serial mode of image creation was introduced, which changed the way that artists would see and make art forever. Today with these changes, under postmodernity, we observe photography, joined by other practices, as they continue to push painting off the wall.

Painting, of course, did not die. Because also emanating from the late 1970s were several revivals of the Western format for painting. These would include the Junge Wilde movement in Germany, a group of representational painters in the United States led by Mark Tansey, and the Transavantguardia movement in Italy, and well-known today are the Leipzig School of painters. However, the art forms that developed out of the attacks on painting are alive and thriving as well. After the Death of Painting will exhibit some of these practices.
By Howard McCalebb

The artists:
Yasmin Alt Martina Baist Chandra Brooks Sam Icklow
Christian de Lutz Lola Goller & Lilli Kuschel Lisa Larsson
Damian Loboda Sara Pfrommer Johanness Ribarits Sadie Weis Markus Wirthmann and Matej Zet

Performances by:
Liz Rosenfeld, and Twilight Claps & Thunder

DAMTP Berlin:
DAMTP: (Data Miners & Travailleurs Psychique)
DAMTP Berlin Wahdat will “trimensionalize” the anti-situation of the labyrinth of Alytus (Lithuania)!

The DAMTP gathering will demon-strate the economic, scientific, and cultural bankruptcy of official culture. The gathering calls on those who are discontented with hierarchizaton of culture, and the continuous identification with White cultural clichés. The aim is to license a cognitive miscegenation that looks towards situations where new meanings are radiated.

DAMTP Berlin is not an art or cultural event. It is a self-organized community that creates a place for the collective production of the meaningful. Join us on site for talks on October 15th at 19:00 Uhr. We will discuss, celebrate, and play.

There will be a short program examining the exploitation of artists that fosters the gentrification of Berlin’s neighborhoods, the capital artists transport “into” the city, and art tourism profits, all of which exposes Berlin’s growing reputation as a bastion of artist exploitation.

An “Open Forum” will take place during normal gallery hours. You are invited to take propaganda materials – or to conceive and leave your own.

A “triolectical” football game is planned for Sunday 16th October, at Tempelhof airport in South Berlin, the sacred site of Knights Templar, the Prussian and Nazi military parades, one of the first concentration camps in Germany, and the site of the American airlift during the ‚Cold‘ War.
Meeting at 13:00hr at the U8 Boddinstraße station.

The goal of DAMTP Berlin is to “trimensionalize” the discourse outside the paradigm of Western dualism: of Black and White, of them and us, of good and evil.

Redas Dirzys
Karen Karnak
Andrius Savickas
Martin Zet

Copyleft © 2011 by the ABRACADABRA Committee. (Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad).

Opening: October 15th 2011 – 19:00 Uhr
October 15th to November 13th, 2011.

Dada Post, Nordbahnstraße 10, 13409 Berlin

Ausstellung: Nam June Paik „Drawings and Installations“, 01.10. – 05.11.2011 @ LEE Galerie Berlin

Donnerstag, Oktober 6th, 2011

    Ausstellung: Nam June Paik „Drawings and Installations“

    Die Lee Galerie in Berlin zeigt Werke des 2006 verstorbenen koreanischen Videokünstlers Nam June Paik, die zwischen 1996 und 2006 entstanden, inklusive einiger multimedialer Installationen.

    Nam June Paik zählt zu den wichtigsten Künstlern im Bereich der Videokunst, welche der Künstler fast im Alleingang begründete. Seine Medieninstallationen inkorporierten die neuen technischen Möglichkeiten seiner Zeit – das Fernsehen – erstmalig in die Sparte der bildenden Kunst.

    Die Ausstellung ist vom 01. Oktober bis zum 05. November in der Lee Galerie Berlin zu sehen.

    – LEE Galerie, Brunnenstrasse 172,10119 Berlin

    – Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag – Samstag / 12 – 18 h