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„Optimism“: Exhibition Opening @ Dada Post Berlin – 27.08.2011, 8 pm

Dienstag, August 23rd, 2011


(Copenhagen, Denmark)

August 27th – September 25th.It is a great pleasure to welcome OPTIPISM Project in Gallery DADAPOST from august 27th – September 25th 2011. The Optipism Project, which is based in Copenhagen, is built on the Optipism Manifesto written by Denis Rivin. OPTIPISM. Under this name a group of curators, visual artists and poets has been formed to create art in many forms, both optimistic and pessimistic, both surface and depth, both serious and play, both wanting to augment and change the world and to sense and experience the now. Through art to explore, to comment, react and act in the world as it is today.

Exhibition #1 // Painting:
August 27th – September 1st
Opening Saturday 27th August 8 pm
Painting: Lars Kræmmer and Lars H.U.G.
Video: Jesper Dalmose, Charlotte Petersen
At the opening 27th August:
Dancer/performer: Isabelle Ullmann
Poetry: Jan Hatt-Olsen
Poetry: Allan Hammerlund
Piano & Poetry: Olga Magieres
Poetry: Lennox Raphael
And others

Exhibition #2 // Poetry: The Exhibition as a Collection of Poetry: September 3rd – September 8th
Opening Saturday 3rd September 8 pm
Concept: Jan Hatt-Olsen
Curated by Paul Opstrup from LiteraturHaus
At the opening 3rd September:
Poetry: Jan Hatt-Olsen, Lea Streisand and Ritta Baddoura

Exhibition #3 // Photography:
September 10th – September 15th
Opening Saturday 8 pm
Photography: Kajsa Gullberg
Video: Fryd Frydendahl

Exhibition #4 // Installation: The Invisible Hand:
September 17th – September 25th
Opening Saturday 17th 8pm
Installation: Mikkel Carl
Video: Jette Hye Jin Mortensen
Throughout the whole period August 27th – September 25th:
Art Money exhibition
Citylifting (Niels Sloth, Jonas Als and Niels Fabæk) will make an interactive project

The Optipism Project is curated by:
Lars Kræmmer: Curator, artist, founder of among other projects: Artmoney and Artclub
Denis Rivin: Curator, editor in chief at AFART art magazine
Jesper Dalmose: Curator, video artist
Peter Rodenberg: Curator, organizer, communication and marketing, budget

Involved organizations are:
Art Money
Copenhagen Art Club
AFART art magazine


Nordbahnstraße 10, 13409 Berlin, Germany


By S-Bahn:

S-1 (Direction Oranienburg) and S-25 (Direction Hennigsdorf), to the Schönholz station.

If you take the S-Bahn be sure to exit at the Schönholz station –

not the Wollankstrasse station.